Collective System Designª Principles and Applications
A 3-Day Workshop

Have you gotten results with Lean and Six Sigma but that the results are not sustainable?

Do you want to align your performance measures with your business strategy?

Do the leaders in your organization have differing views of your company's purpose and how to achieve it?

Collective System Designª provides the Principles and Practice to:

               Determine how Lean and Six Sigma should be implemented to achieve your company's customer needs.

                                                                              Design your company so that management actions are aligned

           Set a roadmap that clearly defines your business strategy, implementation solutions, and performance measures required to sustain performance.



Collective System Designª

Principles and Applications

By Dr. David S. Cochran PhD

A 3 Day Introductory Workshop

For Designing Sustainable Systems

Oct, 20 through 23, 2009

Wayside Inn

Sudbury, MA








Class Agenda

Collective System Design: Principles and Applications

¯       ÒLeanÓ in 50 Minutes

¯       ÒIf Lean is so Easy, Why is it so Hard?Ó

¯       The five reasons systems Fail

¯       Diagnoses of Existing System Design

¯       Understanding your Existing SystemÕs Design

¯                   The FRs Functional Requirements of a lean system

¯       Why Value Stream Mapping is not Enough

¯       Definition of a Sustainable System

¯       Principles of Sustainable System Design

¯       Communicating System Design: FRs and PSs

¯      How to Develop your System Design

o       Gaining Collective Agreement

o       Understanding the FRs for your system

o       Understanding the Physical solutions (PSs to achieve the FRs through physical simulation

o       Sustaining your System Design

¯      Walking the Bridge: CSD Diagnostics to System Design Process







System Design, LLC, works with companies to design their enterprise to effectively meet customer needs in product design, manufacturing and long term customer support. Founded in 2002 by Dr. David S. Cochran, former Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and two-time winner of the prestigious Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing for his work in the design of "lean" systems, System Design, LLC provides consulting, education, and leadership expertise in sustainable and regenerative enterprise system design to companies around the globe.

Collective System Designª (CSD), a methodology developed by Dr. Cochran, is built on the Manufacturing System Design Decomposition (MSDD) and Product Delivery System (PDS) decomposition that Dr. Cochran and his research group developed during his 9-year tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This approach is different from assembling machines together and attempting to implement the buzz-word strategy of the month. CSD is a logical, customized approach to providing a consistent, stable method of product delivery and system implementation.


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